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This small machine, capable of producing air cushions at will (adjustable size and quantity) for the wedging of products in every types of packagings is completed for a use up to 100 cardboards a day. She guarantees a protection so safe as the classic systems and thus establish a solution of help to the practical, economic and eco-responsible packaging for SMEs/SMIs, associations or others!
• Protection efficient and cost: the pillows
Air also guarantee a safe protection
traditional packaging materials for 50%
• system adapted to small spaces: the WiAir-200
is small, the film also takes up very little space,
reducing the cost of storage: saving space
of nearly 86%.
• eco-system: No products
of polluting packaging (polystyrene) to deliver:
less carbon consumption and less
waste than conventional systems. Instead:
a polyethylene film 100% recyclable!
• flexible and easy to use system:
select the size of the cushion and the length of
film making before pressing the button
startup. The WiAir does the rest! The air is filtered before
the inflated age so there is no need to clean
within the machine. Picture 2: Adjusting the size of the air cushion is ease.

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Speed Max : Up to 1000 mm/mn
Food of air : Integrated system
Cushions Dimensions : 200 mm (width) x 120 � 270 mm (Length ajustable)
Food of electric : 220-240 V / 1,5 A monophas�
Accessories : Sliding cutter to cut air cushions according to needs
Machine Dimensions : L335 x P520 x H245 mm
Net Weight : 15 kg