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Paper Shredder CD / DVD and silent cards ST-12M

The ST-12M destroys up to 12 paper sheets at the same time in any discretion.

With her big basket, she allows a use shared in an office especially as she also settles works of destruction of CD or other credit cards.

1) Powerful jaws, discretion bonus.

2) Easy and silent movement.

3) Operation indicator LED Blue.

4) For maximum security, the ST-12M grinds your documents micro-confetti 2x8 mm.

5) ST-12M comes with a roll of bags for confetti and a maintenance oil can.

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Cutting Capacity (80g sheets) : 12
Can Destroy : Paper, Staples+ Trombonnes, Credit cards, CD/DVD
Safety standard DIN 66399 : P-5
Cutting Size : Micro - 2 x 8 mm
Cutting width : 224 mm
Started : Cellule
Cutting speed : 2.6 m/mn
Volume of the basket : 31,4 L
Sound level : < 55 dB
Machine Dimensions (LxPxH) : 437 x 304 x 633 mm
Net Weight : 25 kg
Color : Bicolor: black and Gray